2019 Lahaina Halloween Photos

2019 Lahaina Halloween Costume Photos - Front Street

Yet again, Halloween in Lahaina did not disappoint! We had record numbers of costumed revelers, as can be seen in these photos and videos below. Special thanks to Light Painter Rachel Jordan and Photographer Joe Domrad for their beautiful, unique Lahaina Halloween photos below.

Lahaina Halloween Maui
Halloween Maui Hawaii

Beginning with its first official celebration in 1989, the Lahaina Halloween party is known as one of the best parties anywhere in Hawaii. With an estimated annual attendance of 20,000 to 30,000 people, Halloween on Maui is next-level compared to its relatively low key party reputation throughout the rest of the year.

Lahaina Halloween 2019
Lahaina Maui Halloween 2019


And here are some more fun Lahaina Halloween photos from Front Street Lahaina and beyond. First, see Jessika Stauffer and Rhavie Marino from The Club Maui and Paramounts 1st season of "Battle of the Fittest Couples."

The club maui halloween


And, last but not least, some photos from Ší™eilani Zerkle and some of our favorite irie IG friends.

Lahaina Halloween Front Street

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Lahaina Halloween Photos