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Lahaina Town is no more, but the people of Lahaina still stand together.


Hurricane winds combined with dry land made for one of the most deadly wildfires in US history. Kula, PÅ«lehu/Kihei, Ka'anapali, and Lahaina all lit up in the same few days. The entire town of Lahaina was burned, including many of our residents. Thousands are displaced and homeless. Prayers and donations are much appreciated.


Lahaina town still exists in its people. So long as we can collect ourselves, clean up, and rebuild, Lahaina will never perish. The people of Lahaina are the strongest and proudest in the world. We'll be rebuilding this entire website too in order to share rebuild progress over the next decade as well as stories.

Lahaina Town Video

Lahaina is a location that was experienced by two million people, or approximately 80% percent of all of Maui tourism, per year. Lahaina has over a thousand years of rich history, and was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1820 to 1845. From beaches to restaurants, Lahaina was one of the top attractions for our island.

Lahaina's Front Street has been ranked one of the "Top Ten Greatest Streets" by the American Planning Association. Visitors and locals alike enjoyed quiet relaxing strolls, as well as breaks and events under the massive Banyan tree located in the town square.

Lahaina Harbor was an attraction in itself. Vessels of all kinds departed daily for Lanai, snorkeling off the coast, dinner cruises, and whale watching

Welcome to the Lahaina Town Association. Here you can explore what was one of the most historic towns in the State of Hawaii. We'll be reworking the site to share stories, rebuild, and profiles of favorite people.


Historic Walking Tour

From ancient Hawaiian feasts to the dark days of whaling, Lahaina Town has many important landmarks still standing.

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